Thursday, October 9, 2008

So glad to be wrong

Yup. I was wrong. I'm the Mayor of Wrongville. Wongly McWronglingson. The Big Wrongowski. I'm pretty sure I could go on like this for hours. But then you'd probably stab yourself in the eye or something like that. I don't have insurance for that so lets move on...

Yesterday I wrote about a potential impending disaster. Last night was JAM's school's annual Chuck E. Cheese night. I was scared. Potentially. I was slightly hopeful but terrified out of my knickers all at the same time.

JAM rocked it like a champ last night!!!!!!

Sorry, I couldn't hold that in any longer. He was awesome in a chaotic and spastic environment. It was so much fun watching him run around with another little guy he knows from school. They went through tokens like they were candy and I was so happy to feed them more to keep them playing. My kid is amazing. I think we'll keep him for a little bit more.

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bin said...

He's awesome. :-)