Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just this once....

I'm only going to make one post on this. Wifey is doing enough politiblogging (I wonder if anyone else has said that or if I just made that up? That would be cool huh?) for the both of us and she does it so much better than I could ever possibly hope to. But, this is my one. ONLY ONE.

Folks - everyone really needs to understand that this woman has a very real chance of being our President within the next few years (have you seen McCain's neck???) -

And this???

Scary as hell. But, is it any scarier than having Bush as President these last 4 years? I'll bet good ol' GW is extremely happy no one ever took video of him almost killing his brother in a drunk driving rage.

And, what post about Sarah Palin would be complete without letting John Stewart have his say?

And I'll leave you with this....

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morninglight mama said...

I absolutely LOVE the 'pathetic' comments-- how is anyone taking this ridiculous woman seriously???