Friday, January 8, 2010

Like I needed this?

Driving to work today I got behind another car while they decided to clean their windshield. This kind of thing is usually annoying but no big deal right? You just turn your wipers on, squirt a little cleaner and presto - you've got a clean windshield too.

Did this work for me? Take a wild flippin' guess.

My wipers decided that my life was way too boring and they wanted to add a little excitement so instead of turning off in the normal down and stored position they would turn off by staying up on the windshield. Fantastic. Oh, and you know what made this even sweeter? I was getting on the Beltway when this happened.

I did find a site where some kind soul had a similar problem (of all the sites that I found with solutions to this problem they were ALL about GM cars for some reason) who posted pictures and video about how he fixed it himself. Doesn't seem too difficult but now I'm looking at a few hours of working outside on my car in 20 degree temps this weekend.

For some reason this isn't doing anything to lighten my recently rotten mood.

Sorry Pepe but I'm never buying another GM.

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