Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Go out of your way for this one

Wifey was kind enough to let me go on a little sojourn down into the gift shop while on our date to Franklin's the other night. In an effort to do some research (it was purely research, no personal enjoyment was intended at all!) for the impending beer tasting event I picked up a couple craft and micro brews that you can't really get anywhere else. No mass-produced or local stuff here - Franklin's really does a great job getting some out of the way stuff. It's NOT cheap in there, all their beers are imported by them, not distributors, so I could only get a few to sample. Had my first taste tonight, and it was heaven.

It's my pleasure to introduce -

Red Rocket from Bear Republic Brewery in Healdsburg, California.

One word.... awesome. Probably can't afford to keep it coming but it was a good choice, well worth the money. I do take donations though, or just in case you're thinking about birthday presents.

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