Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wayyy too early

Have you been into a Target or (*ewww*) Walmart recently? Actually, forget recently - how about the last six weeks? Notice something a little unusual? Such as - CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS UP IN SEPTEMBER????? That is just freaking ridiculous don't you think? I get it that the economy is in the toilet. I understand the stores are trying to get us to buy Christmas crap decorations over a longer period of time so they can make their money to stay in business. But it wasn't even Halloween and I was getting accosted by elves at Costco for crying out loud.


Okay, calming down now. I love the Christmas season, really - it's my favorite time of the year right after September. I love the lights, the presents, the snow (really? in Maryland?), the family, the presents.... My favorite Americanization of Christmas has got to be the outrageously ostentatious light displays set to music.

Witness my two favorites:


And, a new one! To me anyway...

Why is all of this coming out now? I saw this on the FAIL blog today -

That's my kind of guy. And you know it was a guy.

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Trillian42 said...

And that his wife made him take it down as soon as she saw it. :D

RIGHT there with you on the "Too early for Christmas" thing. AFTER Thanksgiving, people. And if you absolutely cannot wait for then, at LEAST after Hallowfrickenween!