Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Don't judge me - It's about survival!

Wifey beat me to the punch, already having posted about our Halloween festivities. I tried to remind her that I'm supposed to be the one who posts the photos but she wasn't having any of that - something to do with a maternal instinct or whatever. Well, since this is my house I'll have to put up a few pics of my own.

As usual, we stormed the DaB's house and gathered with friends to pillage take advantage of the townhouses built very close together in Old Greenbelt. As I was explaining to a friend, even if only 1 in 5 houses are giving out candy the sheer number of homes packed into the very small area of Greenbelt make for some hearty loot. I know as the kids get bigger we'll be going home with multiple bags but right now we're still moving at the pace of some very small legs.

Here's Pudge with a very sweet E who seemed to have taken a shining to our little man. Maybe she's just happy to have someone else little to take care of that's not her own little brother? :)

They all got into the act. JAM wanted to be SOMETHING Star Wars related (of course) so we got him a Commander Cody (I think) costume and Red was practicing for what she wants to be when she grows up - a mermaid. No, seriously - she's absolutely locked onto the idea she's going to be a mermaid when she grows up. I was happy that about halfway through the night she even started to say "trick or treat" and "thank you" to the people handing out candy. For a little someone who talks as much as she does, and can get as loud as a passing ambulance, she certainly can clam up at times.

Our little fisherman Pudge was a natural. Even though the people mostly couldn't hear him say it he said his "trick or treating" to everyone (yes, it was trick or treating) and most of the time a "shank you" followed. No, he's not threatening jailhouse violence on anyone, he's still working on his th's thank you very much. :)

Here's the whole group - including a trying-to-hide Wifey who had to join the picture in order for Red to participate. Too funny! I'm such a proud papa... There's JAM, ready to eat the entire pumpkin full of candy in one bite and Red looking like a deranged serial killer for pic #2. Thank goodness Pudge had E there to hang out with. I'm thinking we're going to have her over to babysit - I don't care she's only in elementary school!


And, after seeing those two group pics you're probably already anticipating the next photo. Yes, it's a tradition (okay, maybe only in my mind) that trick or treating down the dark paths of Greenbelt makes for a perfect opportunity to enjoy a beverage or three. Again, don't judge me - after 60 minutes of this motley crew how could I not need a drink???

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Trillian42 said...

My mom's old neighbors in PA used to set up a bar in their driveway for the parents, so that last picture makes complete sense to me. :D