Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The men can play too!

After steeling myself for a woeful season at the start of the year the Terps really played with my emotions. They lost to American and Ohio for %$&#'s sake, then they show how well they can play by beating UNC at UNC!!!! So, you can imagine my frustration when they lost to Clemson at home, then to Virginia in Gist's last regular season game, then to BC of all schools in the ACC tournament. So, as I watched them play in the Not Invited Tournament last night against Minnesota (and by the way, who the hell builds a playing floor elevated 4 feet in the air? That is just stupid) I was fully prepared to have a horrible headache by the time I turned the game off in the second half. BUT.....

They didn't lose! I am not even going to go as far as saying they won, because they didn't. They tried to, oh yes, they tried to lose. But, the Gophers (I was going to make fun of their mascot until I realized that ours is a turtle of all things) apparently didn't want to win either. So, the team that didn't want to lose the most won. I think. Now my head hurts.

Yeah!!!! We didn't lose in the first round of the also-ran tourney!!!! Who do we play next? Gallaudet?

- Vasquez losing another ball.

- What foul?

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