Monday, April 5, 2010

What a beautiful day for a walk

It would be just my luck to plan for a day off and have it end up being 50 degrees and rainy. Imagine my shock that today turned out to be about as beautiful as it could possibly be. Wifey asked me to take the day off as it was the last day of JAM's spring break and she had planned a doctor's appt for him. When a follow-up for Pudge was planned at the last minute (and she had to admit that she's been unable to find a way to successfully clone herself to be at both appointments at the same time) I was called in for backup. SOOOO happy I was. As soon as the appointments were over, and we shoveled some lunch down the kid's gullets, we set out for the Metro to catch what I thought was the cherry trees in full bloom.


We ended up being about two days too late.

No matter though. We had a great walk around the Tidal Basin with D, C and J, took a TON of pictures, and then had a picnic on the lawn outside of the National Archives before heading home. Yes, a thoroughly enjoyable - and very bloggable- day.

Let's start with one of those "Owners end up looking like their pets" pictures. Both of these guys were pretty funny but the guy on the right took the cake. I think his bulldog ate his neck.

- Us, Cherry Blossom Style

Pics from the walk around the Basin.
| |
| |
| |
| |

- Me and my boys

Ever seen the Photobomb blog? Hysterical stuff man. We had our own little bomber hanging out with us today.

- We'll call this one "The Lurker"

- And this one "The Lurker Strikes Back"

- Goofballs

- There are no words. I'm printing this one poster-sized for her wedding.

You need to take the obligatory monument pictures right?

With the day so warm we stopped by the WWII Memorial and dipped our toes in. It was cold, but perfect.
| |
- Of course Red decided to be anti-picture at just the right moment

Picnic and run around time before heading back to the Metro for the ride home.
- mmmmm. Pudge LIKE Nutella!
- Red's a fan too. Wonder where they get that from?
- ???? Sometimes I wonder what is really rattling around in that noggin of his.
- Man, who's that handsome devil?

| | |
- Extreme CLOSE-UP!!!!

- Pudge running after some poor birds. The birds were far smarter than Pudge though and took off as soon as he got anywhere close.
- We'll call this - "Here Birdie, Birdie!"


morninglight mama said...

Thanks for putting together the official documentation of the day. This whole thing will be so much fun to look through in a few years, when they're all big and driving us crazy in a way we can't even imagine yet. :)

Hyon said...

My little lurker.
I had fun too. Don't worry about me. I had loads and loads of fun. Yup. Yup. Yup. Me = fun.