Friday, July 4, 2008

The little one? Not so little anymore!

My little Pudge is trying his hardest to become my big Pudge. He's launched himself into full crawling mode. Two or three days ago this was cute, even a cause for celebration. We were cheering his every movement, clapping with his each "step." See what I mean---

Now? Not so much. Dude has found his wheels. He is cruising around the living room now and we have a lot of fear in our hearts. You see, when the good gentlemen who built our house decided to put in a wood burning stove they obviously weren't thinking about young children. There is this nice wooden and ceramic tile platform and step up to our dining room that is just the kiss of death for little crawling and new walking babies. When Red was this age we padded everything with the cushions from our old couch. But, with that being our old couch we don't have those cushions anymore. We are left with the ledge of doom. Little man is in trouble. And we need some bubble wrap. Lots of bubble wrap. :)

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The Broken Man said...

I'll speak to my wife for you. For some bizarre reason, she has a bit of a thing for bubble wrap and keeps an enormous roll of it under the bed. Stress relief, I think she said....

The Broken man