Saturday, June 14, 2008

The most important "to-do"

Something happened today that really doesn't happen much in our house... We had no plan. None. Not one thing that we HAD to get done. We talked about getting this done or that done but when it came right down to it, not one thing was important enough to worry about. And in this time of job worries (no, I haven't written about that because when you think about something every second of every day the last thing you want to do is sit down and write about it), major home projects and a touch of extended family drama the last thing we have enjoyed is a time of rest. So guess what we did today. Not one dang thing that would check something off of our to-do lists.

Except the one that should be there each and every day, smack dab at the top of our lists...


Done. Got it. Scratch it off, at least until tomorrow.

I posted earlier about the Great Star Wars Adventure, and I mentioned our family breakfast on the new deck, and playing in the rain, and now we are all sitting around, golf on the TV (really only for me but the kids are actually a bit interested too!!!) while the kids play and Wifey is playing in the kitchen making some baby food for Pudge and life is really good.

And we are thankful.

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BarbsBlog said...

You made memories. That's terrific!

You may want to add Tim Russert's Big Russ and Me to your reading list -- he would have been proud that you just hung out as a family today.